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Zamzam Water

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136. It is Mustahabb to drink Zam Zam water after offering Rak’atain of Tawaf.

137. It is lawful to have a bath or to make Wudu with Zam Zam water for Barakah provided one is not unclean but it should not be used to wash off pollution.

138. If a person wants to drink Zam Zam water he should stand facing Baitullah, should say “BISMILLAH” and quaff it with three breathing spaces, every time looking at Baitullah and every time saying “BISMILLAH” before and “ALHAMDU LILLAH” after he drinks water. He should also pour it
over his head and body.

Hadrat Jabir reports that Rasulullah said, “The Zam Zam water serves the purpose for which it is drunk”. Therefore, one should say, “I drink it with the intention that I may not get thirsty on the Day of Reckoning”.

Hadrat Abbas narrates that Rasulullah said, “The difference between us and the Munafiqin (hypocrites) is this that they do not drink to their fill”. Therefore, that lucky person who gets a chance to go on Hajj or Umrah, should quaff this holy water as long as he stays in the Holy City of Makkah.
While drinking it he should pray profusely, and should also make the following Du’a:

Allahhumma inni as'aluka ilm-an na'fi-an wa rizqan wa'si-an wa shifa'am min kulli da'in
(O Allah! I request You earnestly to grant me useful knowledge, sustenance and provisions in abundance, good deeds, and cure from every disease).

139. One can drink Zam Zam water at home or anywhere outside the Haram Sharif, both standing or sitting.

AlSafar Hajj Umrah Guide
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