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256. The Tawaf which is performed after Ramy, Qurbani and ritual shaving, is called Tawafuz Ziyarah.

It may be performed before, after or in between Ramy, Qurbani or ritual shaving although it is contrary to Sunnah. According to Sunnah, this Tawaf should be performed after the ritual shaving.

257. Tawafuz Ziyarah is Fard and a Rukn of Hajj and, therefore, there is no Jaza in lieu of it.

258. It is most virtuous to perform Tawafuz Ziyarah on the 10th, but it is Ja’iz to perform it at any time before the sunset of the 12th of Dhul Hijjah. Any further delay will be Makruh to the extent of being unlawful.

259. If Tawafuz Ziyarah is performed after the 12th of Dhul Hijjah, Dam becomes due for the delay. The delay without a valid excuse is reprehensible and sinful.

260. Conjugal relations remain unlawful unless Tawafuz Ziyarah is performed, irrespective of the time limit, which may be the life-time.

261. If a pilgrim has conjugal relations before he performs Tawafuz Ziyarah but after Wuquf at Arafat, then if he had it before the ritual shaving, he would have to sacrifice a cow or a camel, and if done after it, he would have to sacrifice a goat or a sheep. Anyhow, the Hajj would not become invalid but he will have to perform the Tawafuz Ziyarah in any case, as it never lapses.

262. If a person died before performing Tawafuz Ziyarah but made a will for the completion of his Hajj, it would be Wajib on the executor to sacrifice a camel or a cow on his behalf for Tawafuz Ziyarah which he missed. (Umdatul Fiqh).

263. If Sa’ey was performed after Tawaful Qudum, there will be no Ramal or Idtiba in Tawafuz Ziyarah.

264. If Sa’ey for Hajj was not performed after Tawaful Qudum or before a pilgrim left for Mina, it will be done now. The pilgrim will perform Ramal in the first three circuits of Tawaf, then after Rak’atain of Tawaf, Du’a at Multazam, drinking of Zam Zam water and Istilam of Hajarul Aswad, he will perform Sa’ey.

265. A pilgrim relinquishes Ihram after ritual shaving. If Tawafuz Ziyarah is performed after it, which is usual time, it is performed wearing stitched garments of everyday use. Therefore, the Sa’ey of Hajj, if performed after Tawafuz Ziyarah, will also be performed in the clothes of everyday use.

AlSafar Hajj Umrah Guide
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