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266. It is necessary for all Afaqi pilgrims to perform Tawaf before going back to their homes. This Tawaf which is called Tawaful Wada or Farewell Tawaf is Wajib on every pilgrim whether he is a Mufrid, Mutamatti or Qarin. In case this Tawaf is left out even with a valid reason, Dam will be Wajib.

But if a woman leaves it because of menses, no penalty will be imposed on her (for details consult the chapter on women).

Tawaful Wada is Mustahabb for those who come from Makkah proper or the Hill region around it or from the Miqat. But it is not prescribed for those who perform Umrah.

267. Tawaful Wada should be performed with a melancholic heart and weeping eyes. While making Du’a at Multazam and Maqame Ibrahim at the time of his departure, a pilgrim should be filled with concern and have a heavy heart for he does not know whether in future he will have the privilege to visit these holy places and pray there again.

268. After performing Tawaful Wada, the pilgrim should perform the Istilam of Hajarul Aswad, and should come out of the mosque looking at Baitullah through tears in his eyes. At the gate of the Holy Mosque he should stop for a while and make Du’a while standing there.

269. After Tawaful Wada, a pilgrim can enter again in Masjidul Haraam to perform Salah there, and if possible to perform a Tawaf too.

270. If a pilgrim performs Nafl Tawaf after he has performed Tawafuz Ziyarah, it becomes a substitute for Tawaful Wada also and there is no harm if he does not perform Tawaful Wada at the time of his departure.
Similarly, if a pilgrim, after Tawaful Wada for some reason stays back in Makkah, he should not repeat his Tawaful Wada, though it is Mustahabb to perform it again at the time of departure. However, no time is fixed for Tawaful Wada and it may be performed at any time after Tawafuz Ziyarah.

AlSafar Hajj Umrah Guide
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