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124. No Du’a is prescribed by Rasulullah for every circuit of Tawaf, as mentioned in various books written on the rites and ceremonies of Hajj.

They have been handed down to us by Muslim scholars of great repute. That they should not be recited is not the intention of the writer, if a person has learnt them by heart and also knows their meaning, they can be recited with great benefit. But to read them from a book during Tawaf, impairs the humility, sincerity and concentration, which is the soul of Du’a.

Therefore, if a pilgrim recites them without knowing their meaning, it is futile to repeat these invocations and prayers, by reading or just by listening to the cries of a fellow pilgrim or a Mu’allim.

Some short supplications culled from the Holy Qur’an and Hadith are given below, which can be easily remembered with their meaning and which can be recited during Tawaf with great benefit.


i) Allah is Holy and all praise is due to Allah alone and there is nobody to be worshipped except Allah, Allah is the Greatest. There is no Power nor Strength except in Allah.

Hadrat abu Hurayrah narrates that Rasulullah said,”A person who performs Tawaf around Baitullah and does not talk during it and keeps on reciting these words, ten sins of his are erased and he is elevated by ten degrees". (Mishkat, Ibn Majah)

ii) There is no God but You. Glory be to You. I have surely been one of the wrong doers.

iii) O Allah! You are All forgiving. You love forgiveness, so forgive me.

iv) O You Living, You Eternal, I appeal to your Mercy.

v) O Allah! Forgive me and have Mercy and You are the best of all the Merciful.

vi) O Allah! from You I beseech guidance and piety, chastity and self-sufficiency.

vii) O our Rabb! Forgive me and my parents and also all the believers on the Day of Reckoning.

viii) O Our Rabb! Forgive me and accept my repentance, surely You are the Relenting, All Merciful.

ix) I seek the forgiveness of Allah except whom there is no God. He is the Living, the Eternal, To Him I turn.

x) Glory be to Allah. All praise is due to You alone. I testify that there is no god but Allah. I seek Your forgiveness, and to You I turn penitent.

xi) O Allah! I seek Your Pleasure and Paradise and I seek Your Protection against Your Wrath and against the Hell.

xii) O Allah! make me content with what You have granted me and bless all that You have bestowed on me and guard well on my behalf all that I have left behind me (such as my family, my wealth, etc.) There is no god but Allah. He is unique. He has no partner. For Him is the sovereignty and for Him is the praise. And He is All-powerful.

(O Our Rabb! Give to us in this world that which is best and in the Hereafter that which is best, and save us from the torment of the Hell, and let us be with the righteous in the Paradise. O the Powerful, O the Forgiver, O Rabb of the worlds.)

125. As mentioned earlier, a person can recite in any Tawaf, any invocation he likes. There are people who daily recite Salat ( Darud Sharif) on Rasulullah , verses of the Holy Qur’an and other formulas glorifying Allah, for a fixed number of times on their rosary. They are advised to complete their daily round of recital in one Tawaf or more. Thus they will not only be able to complete their routine easily, but will also earn the recompense of Tawaf.

AlSafar Hajj Umrah Guide
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[22:42] If they reject you, the people of Noah, `Aad, and Thamoud have also disbelieved before them.

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