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209. In Muzdalifah, Salatul Maghrib and Salatul Isha are combined and offered together at the time of Isha. For details see “The rules of Salah” at Serial Nos. 22, 23 and 24.

210. It is Sunnatul Mu’akkadah to stay at Muzdalifah till dawn. It is Mustahabb to spend the whole night in Ibadah. Some of the scholars are of the opinion that this night is more virtuous than Lailatul Qadr.

211. The Wuquf at Muzdalifah is Wajib. It is the condition essential to be here between dawn and sunrise. If a man does not do it, Dam will be Wajib on him. However, if a woman does not stay there on account of heavy rush, Dam will not be Wajib on her.

212. Some pilgrims, while returning from Arafat go straight to Mina, or after a short stay at Muzdalifah, leave for Mina, thus they neither spend the night in Muzdalifah, nor perform Wuquf there in the morning, therefore, Dam becomes Wajib on them for omitting Wuquf.

213. Before leaving Muzdalifah a pilgrim should collect seventy pebbles as big as peanuts or the date stones.

214. In Muzdalifah, a pilgrim should make sure that he should not offer Salatul Fajr before its appointed time. After dawn he should offer Salatul Fajr, then perform Wuquf, recite Tasbih and Tahlil and then he should proceed to Mina.

AlSafar Hajj Umrah Guide
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This guide has been developed to help you prepare for the sacred pilgrimage, to perform Hajj and Umrah. It is essential that you understand what you can and cant do before you start the journey of a lifetime.


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