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167. It is in the Hadith that whoever endures the heat of Makkah Mukarramah even for a little while, the hell fire will be removed from him at a distance of hundred years. (Albahrul Ameeq).

168. It is in the Hadith that whoever falls ill in Makkah Mukarramah for a day, he will be reckoned as righteous as a person who has worshipped for sixty years at a place other than Makkah Mukarramah. (Albahrul Ameeq).

169. The Hanafi Fiqh allows a person to perform Umrah on behalf of his parents, friends and relations. Those who follow the Hanafi school should utilize this privilege during their stay at Makkah Mukarramah.

170. When a person intends to perform Umrah, he should either have a bath or Wudu, then after putting the sheets worn in Ihram he should go to Tan’im, a place at a distance of three miles from the Holy City of Makkah. Here there is a mosque called the Mosque of A’isha. If the time is not Makruh, he should perform two Rak’at Nafl for Ihram. Then he should uncover his head and while still sitting, he should form the intention of Umrah and recite Talbiyah thrice and come back to the Holy City of Makkah for Umrah.

A Qarin, after performing the Umrah, does not relinquish Ihram. Therefore, he cannot perform another Umrah before Hajj. If he again assumes Ihram for Umrah from Tan’im, he would commit a sin and Dam will be due. He can, however, perform as many times Nafl Tawaf, as he likes.

171. For an A’faqi, Tawaf is more virtuous than Nafl Salah. The unique opportunity of performing Tawaf is not available anywhere else in the world. Rasulullah said, “Tawaf too is Salah with the only difference that in it you can speak. But do not say anything other than good things in Tawaf”.

172. A Tradition says, “A person who performs Tawaf fifty times, he becomes as pure from sins as is the newly born baby”. (Al Jam’ul Latif)

173. Everybody can transmit the reward of a good deed he performs to another person, whether alive or dead. This good deed may be any Ibadah (act of worship), such as Salah, Sawm (fasting), Sadaqah, Hajj, Umrah, Tawaf or recitation of the Holy Qur'an.

This is a matter of forming of intention or Niyyah only. A person doing a good deed may decide to transfer its reward to another person either at the time of doing the deed or later on after completing it.

Therefore, every pilgrim must perform Tawaf on behalf of his or her parents and other near relatives. Another thing which must be kept in mind is this that we owe our very presence in Masjidul Haraam to our illustrious Master Rasulullah . Our indebtedness to him demands that we should also perform at least one Tawaf for him. During this Tawaf one should recite Salat (Durud) on Raulullah exclusively, in preference to all other forms of invocations.

It will be still commendable if we perform Tawaf on behalf of the pious Caliphs, Sahabah and Ahlul Bait and our mothers (holy wives of Rasulullah ) also.

NOTE: Sa’ey is one of the Wajibat of Hajj and Umrah. Do not waste your time by performing Sa’ey after every Nafl Tawaf.

174. Tawaf has many virtues and in Ahadith this act has been much extolled. Hadrat Abdullah bin Abbas narrates that Rasulullah said, “Allah the Almighty showers one hundred and twenty blessings on Baitullah everyday. Of these, sixty are for those who perform Tawaf and forty are for those who perform Salah and twenty for those who simply look at Baitullah. There is another Tradition that says, “The person who performs the Tawaf of Baitullah and he has just moved one step, that Allah forgives one of his sins, one good is recorded in his favor, and he is increased in rank by one degree.

So, perform maximum numbers of Tawaf during your stay in the Holy City of Makkah. Spend most of your time in looking at Baitullah. Some scholars are of the opinion that looking at the Holy Ka’bah just for a moment is equal to the recompense of Ibadah (worship) performed for one year.

175. Hadrat abu Hurayrah narrates that Rasulullah said, “Two words are very light on tongue, very heavy when weighed in Mizan (balance) and very dear to Allah the Merciful, and they are:
Subhan Allah Wabe Hamde hi Subhan Allah hil Azim
(Allah is Holy, and praise is due to Allah and Allah is Holy and He is All-Glorious.)

While just sitting in the Holy Mosque, keep on looking at Baitullah and recite the above words of glorification of Allah.

176. Or recite this:

(I glorify Allah with this praise equal to number of His created things and according to His will and equal to the weight of His Throne (Arsh), and equal to the ink used in writing His words.)

AlSafar Hajj Umrah Guide
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