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187. In Arabic “Wuquf” means to stay and in the Ahkam (laws) of Hajj, it means to stay for some time from the Zawal of 9th of Dhul Hijjah, to the dawn of the 10th of Dhul Hijjah, in the plain of Arafat. This is known as “Wuquf Arafat”, the greatest Rukn of Hajj, without which there is no Hajj.

188. On 9th Dhul Hijjah a pilgrim should perform Salatul Fajr at dawn when it is well lit up, then he should proceed to Arafat after the sun has risen. It is contrary to Sunnah to proceed to Arafat before 9th Dhul Hijjah or before the sunrise.

189. It is Wajib, that a pilgrim who performs Wuquf in Arafat after Zawal and before sunset, should stay there till after sunset. But he who does not reach Arafat in the day-time of the 9th Dhul Hijjah and performs Wuquf in the night following it, it is sufficient for him to stay even for a short while.

190. Niyyah in Waquf is only Mustahabb. It is not a condition. Waquf will be accomplished even without Niyyah.

191. In Waquf it is neither a condition nor Wajib to remain standing, it is only Mustahabb. It is also permissible to sit or even lie down. But to lie down without excuse is Makruh.

192. It is not a condition for Waquf to be free from major pollution like state of menses, blood discharge after child birth and Janabah (ceremonial uncleanliness that makes a bath necessary). Wuquf is accomplished even in the state of pollution.

193. Mustahabat of Waquf:

i) To make preparations for Wuquf before Zawal

ii) To form “Niyyah” for Wuquf

iii) To face Qiblah while performing Wuquf

iv) Qiyam (to remain standing) is most virtuous. When one gets tired he may sit down.

v) To perform Wuquf by standing in the sun, if one feels that he will not fall ill.

vi) To make Du’a and Istighfar (Astaghfirullah – I seek forgiveness of Allah) with eyes over-flowing with tears.

vii) To raise both the hands up towards the sky for Du’a.

viii) To repeat Du’a thrice

ix) To begin Du’a with Hamd (Glorification of Allah) and Salat (Durud) on Rasulullah , and to end it with Hamd, and Salat (Durud) on Rasulullah , and also to say “Amin” at the end.

It is a mistake and contrary to Sunnah and a Bid’ah to go at the top of Jabalur Rahmah for Wuquf.

Rasulullah performed Wuquf at the foot of Jabalur Rahmah.

194. The time for Wuquf begins soon after Zawal. It is most virtuous to stand up facing the Qiblah till the sun sets and should remain busy in Du’a with hands raised up. If a pilgrim cannot remain standing all this while, he may sit down for a while and then again stand up.

He should recite Hamd, Thana, Takbir (Allahu Akbar), Tahlil (La Ilaha Illallah) and Talbiyah, thrice at a time, recite Qur’an Sharif, recite Istighfar and Salat (Durud) on Rasulullah profusely and passionately and as much as he can.

A person who lags behind in good deeds here, can never make amends for the loss. He should repent his past sins and misdeeds in all sincerity and should make a firm vow never to do them again. His Dhikr and Istighfar should be resplendent with tears that burnish the hearts rusty with sins. He should make a fervent appeal to his Creator for forgiveness, as if he is in His Majestic Presence.

195. The great assembly of humans at Arafat should make a pilgrim think of the Day of Final Reckoning and he should fervently pray: “May Allah out of His great Bounty forgive me and grant me Paradise”.

He should perform Ibadah with firm belief that Allah the All-Merciful, All-Munificent will accept it.

He should entertain all hope that Inshallah. Allah will not deprive him of the favor of His nearness and surely he will be granted the favor to see Him face to face in the Akhirah (next world), when in this world He has blessed him with the good fortune of Wuquf at Arafat, and visiting His House (Baitullah).

He should pray everywhere with this firm conviction that Allah hears all we have to say and accepts it. But at the same time he should neither feel too proud, nor feel too secure. No doubt he has been able to do good deeds due to the great Favor and Bounty of Allah, but he should fear on his own account that the great sinner as he is, he would have soiled these deeds. The Sahabah (companions of Rasulullah) understood that their deeds were not as luminous as they appeared to be. They feared that they
may not be accepted, being tainted with hypocrisy.

In Tirmidhi, there is a Hadith reported by Hadrat Shaddad bin Aws , “The wise man is he, who reckons the doings of his Nafs (baser self) and also continues to do good deeds for the Akhirah. And the foolish is he who is carried away by worldly temptations and pins his hope in the fulfillment of his false desires”.

Despite all this a person should be hopeful of the Mercy and Favor of Allah, because His Bounty and Favor exceed our sins.


196. This sinful Muhammad Moinuddin Ahmad, makes a FERVENT APPEAL to the pilgrims who happen to read these pages to pray for him as well in the plain of Arafat.

May Allah, out of His Great Bounty and Mercy, keep him firm in His Iman and Deen (religion) and also to keep him striving in the cause of Allah, till death takes him away and May Allah grant him forgiveness and Paradise.


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