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1. Children fall under two categories:

A) Boys and girls who have sense enough to form Niyyah, recite Talbiyah and assume Ihram, and who can perform the rites and ceremonies of Hajj. Like adults, they shall themselves perform all the Wajibat and essentials of Hajj. Their guardians do nothing on their behalf.

B) Very young children who can neither form Niyyah, nor can perform the Wajibat and essentials of Hajj. The father or guardian of such a child, whoever accompanies him, after bathing him, shall help him wear the two sheets of Ihram. Then the guardian himself will make Niyyah and recite Talbiyah on behalf of the child. Thus, the child becomes Muhrim.

The guardian shall protect him against the violations of the restrictions of Ihram, and make him perform all the rites and ceremonies of Hajj. On occasions, where it is necessary to form Niyyah, as in Tawaf, the guardian shall form it himself on behalf of the child. To make the child perform Tawaf and Sa’ey, either he will carry him on his shoulder, or help him in any other way, or shall himself perform these rites on his behalf.

2. The guardian need not offer Rak’atain of Tawaf on their behalf as it is waived off in their case.

3. The guardian will either perform Ramy on their behalf or help them to perform it.

4. For both the above mentioned categories, the Hajj that they perform, is counted as Nafl and not Fard, for which the guardian will get the reward.

5. If a young child, imitating the adults, puts on the sheets of Ihram himself and performs Hajj, this act shall not be considered as Hajj.

6. The children of any of the above mentioned categories, if after assuming Ihram, omit all or any Wajib or essentials of Hajj, neither Jaza will be due, nor shall they be required to repeat the nullified Hajj.

AlSafar Hajj Umrah Guide
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