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162. One should note that some pilgrims relinquish Ihram, after getting a lock of hair cut by the men who stand near Marwah, holding a pair of scissors in their hands. It must be clearly understood that according to Hanafi Fiqh this sort of hair cut is not sufficient for relinquishing Ihram. A pilgrim should either get his head shaved which is known as Halq or get his hair cut short which is known as Qasr.

In Qasr, he has to get all his hair cut short up to the extent of one finger-joint or a little longer as a measure of protection, or one-fourth of his entire head.

i) It is Wajib for a person, whose hair is less than a finger-joint in length, to get his head shaved.

ii) To get only one-fourth of the head shaved is technically sufficient to relinquish Ihram. But it is Makruh Tahriman (Makruh to the extent of almost being Haraam).

iii) There are pilgrims, who after performing the first Umrah get one-fourth of their head shaved, then after the second Umrah they get another one-fourth of their head shaved, then after the third Umrah, they get yet another one-fourth of their head shaved and finally after the fourth Umrah they get
the rest of their head shaved. This whole process is Makruh.

iv) It is better for the pilgrims who perform Umrah again and again, to get their hair cut short or get their head shaved for the first Umrah. Then after every Umrah it is Wajib that they should ask thebarber to let the razor just roll on their head, thus every time they will get Thawab (recompense) of
ritual shaving.

v) If there is no hair on a pilgrim’s head or he has wounds on his head, it is Wajib to get razor rolled on his head. When the simple rolling of razor is also not possible, he will be exempted from this Wajib.

163. Ritual shaving of head should be done within the precincts of Haram only or else Dam will be Wajib.

164. If a pilgrim in the state of Ihram has completed all the rites and duties he had to perform before ritual shaving, he can himself shave his head. He can also shave another Muhrim who falls in his category or can get his head shaved from a similar Muhrim.

165. It is Mustahabb to say “ALLAHU AKBAR” and supplicate while the head of a pilgrim is being shaved.

166. Ihram Upon Ihram is forbidden. There are pilgrims, who after performing Tawaf and Sa’ey only, assume Ihram for another Umrah, without ritual shaving (Halq or Qasr) or they get their hair only
slightly trimmed, which does not qualify them to relinquish Ihram. This is forbidden. If they will do so, Dam will be due.

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