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197. In Sha’bul Iman, Imam Baihaqi says as having narrated by Hadrat Jabir from Rasulullah , “The Muslim who recites the following on Yaumul Arafat (9th of Dhul Hijjah) after the sun declines in the plain of Arafat:

i) 100 times

La ilaha ill-Allahu wahdahu la Sharika lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu
Wa hu’wa ‘ala kulli shai’in Qadeer.

ii) 100 times

Qul hu wal lahu ahad ...(complete surah)

iii) 100 times

(O Allah! bestow Your blessings upon Muhammad and upon the family of Muhammad just as You had bestowed Your blessings on Ibrahim and his family. Surely, You are Praiseworthy and Pure. And, on us (too) with them.)

Allah will say, “O My Angels! What is the recompense for my bondsman who recited my Tasbih, Tahlil, Takbir and praised me and recited Salat (Durud) on my Rasulullah . O Angels! Bear witness to it that I forgave him and had he pleaded for a favor for the people assembled at Arafat, I would have granted him that too.” (Durre Mansur)

198. In the introduction of Hizbul A’zam, besides the Tasbihat mentioned above, two are added, that
are given below:

i) 100 times third kalimah:
Subhan-Allah wal-hamdu-lillahi wa la ilaha ill-Allah wa-Allahu Akbar wa la haula wa la quwwata illa-billahil aliyil azeem
(Glory be to Allah, and praise be to Allah. There is no deity save Allah. Allah is Supreme. There is no strength nor power save in Allah, the Magnificent.)

ii) 100 times

Astaghfir Ullah Rabbi min Kulle Zambin Wa A’tubu Iley’hey

199. A pilgrim may also recite:

i) Subhan Allah Wabe Hamde hi Subhan Allah hil Azim
(Allah is Holy, and praise is due to Allah and Allah is Holy and He is All-Glorious)

ii) I Glorify Allah with this praise equal to number of His created things and according to His will and equal to the weight of His Throne (Arsh), and equal to the ink used in writing His words.

200. Hadrat Abdullah reports that Rasulullah in Arafat after Asr prayer engaged himself in Wuquf, raised up his hands and recited the following Du’a repeatedly:
(Allah is the Greatest and all praise is due to Allah alone. Allah is the Greatest and all praise is due to Allah alone. Allah is the Greatest and all praise is due to Allah alone. There is nobody worthy to be worshipped but Allah. He is Unique and has no partner. The dominion belongs to Him and all praise is due to Him. O Allah! Keep me steadfast on Your Guidance and purify me with piety and forgive me in this world and the next.)

201. Rasulullah said, “Except the day on which battle of Badr was fought, besides Arafat, there is no other day when Shaytan (Satan) was so much disgraced and so much incensed. This is because on this day he sees the Mercy and Blessings of Allah pouring down in torrents on His bondsmen and some of their most heinous sins being forgiven.

202. If a pilgrim leaves Arafat before the sunset, Dam becomes Wajib. Dam also becomes due if he does anything forbidden in the state of Ihram.

203. Hajj stands nullified if a pilgrim has sexual intercourse after he assumes Ihram and before Wuquf in Arafat. In that case three things will be Wajib on him:

i) He should sacrifice a goat.

ii) In the same state of Ihram he should perform the remaining rites and duties of Hajj, strictly abstaining from all forbidden things.

iii) Next year, its Qada is Wajib, that is he should assume Ihram anew and perform Hajj in place of the nullified Hajj.

This will be applicable even if the Hajj is a Nafl one.

204. A Tradition says that if Arafat falls on a Friday, the sins of all the pilgrims in Arafat are forgiven.

The Hajj that falls on a Friday is seventy times more virtuous.

205. In Arafat, there is no Salatul Jumu’ah (Friday Prayer) because it is not a city. A pilgrim should perform only Salatul Zuhr there, even on a Friday (Refer to the rules of Salah, Serial Nos. 16 – 21).

206. It is permissible to perform Salatul Jumu’ah in Mina.

207. The pilgrims are exempted from performing Salah for Idul Adha.

208. A pilgrim should neither perform Salatul Maghrib nor should he pass night in Arafat. He should proceed to Muzdalifah after sunset. In the way he should abundantly recite Talbiyah, Takbir, Salat (Durud) on Rasulullah and remain engaged in reciting supplications abundantly.

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