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A person who asks someone to perform Hajj on his behalf is called “AMIR” while he who performs it is “MAMUR”. There is no condition to perform Nafl Hajj or Umrah on behalf of others, except that the one who is actually performing, should be a Muslim and physically and mentally fit. However, there are twenty conditions for Fard Hajj, as given below:

1. Hajj has become Fard on the person who is getting it performed by an agent.

2. After Hajj became Fard on him, he became invalid and was rendered helpless to perform it.

3. He remained in the same state till death.

4. Both the AMIR and MAMUR should be Muslims.

5. Both the AMIR and MAMUR should be mentally sound.

6. MAMUR should have sense enough to understand the rites of Hajj. If a woman performs Hajj on behalf of a man, it is valid, but it is preferable to appoint a man for it and it is most virtuous if he is a religious scholar, knows the rites and ceremonies of Hajj and has performed his own Hajj.

7. If, in his life time, a person wants someone to perform Hajj on his behalf, it is a condition that he should ask him to do it, and if he made a WIIL to the effect, it is essential for his heir or executor of the WILL after his death, to do so. If the deceased did not make a WILL but his heir performed Hajj on his behalf or asked someone to do it, Inshallah it will be reckoned that the deceased has performed Hajj that was Fard on him. But none of those conditions that follow, will be applicable in this case.

8. To spend the whole or most of the expenses of journey from the wealth of the AMIR. If MAMUR spends his own money on performing Hajj, but later on receives the amount from AMIR, it will be reckoned as valid Hajj performed on behalf of AMIR, otherwise not.

9. To form Niyyah on behalf of AMIR while assuming Ihram or before beginning the ceremonies of Hajj.

10. To assume Ihram on behalf of one person only.

11. To assume Ihram for one Hajj only.

12. If AMIR has appointed a person by name as his agent, then he alone should perform Hajj on his behalf, otherwise anyone can do it.

13. If AMIR has nominated a person by name that only he would perform Hajj on his behalf, it would not be Ja’iz to appoint anyone else to do it, otherwise it would be Ja’iz. But it is Ja’iz for the heir to appoint some other agent, if the one nominated by AMIR refuses to perform Hajj.

14. If 1/3rd of the inheritance is enough to meet the expenses of Hajj, it should be undertaken from the Miqat of the home of the deceased, otherwise from any place before any Miqat.

15. To perform Hajj on a conveyance, if possible from 1/3rd of the property left by the deceased.

16. To perform Hajj or Umrah strictly according to the desire of AMIR, i.e. if he had desired for Hajj and instead of that the MAMUR first performed Umrah and then returned to Miqat with the intention to assume Ihram for Hajj the same year or the next, it will not be considered as valid Hajj on behalf of AMIR.

17. To assume Ihram from the Miqat of AMIR. If the MAMUR assumed Ihram for Umrah at Miqat and then after having arrived at Makkah, assumed Ihram for Hajj and accordingly performed it, it will not be considered as Hajj performed on behalf of AMIR. In this situation, Hajj will be considered valid for the person who really performed it and not for the AMIR. It leads to the conclusion that it is incorrect to appoint the residents of the Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah as agent for performing Hajj that was Fard on behalf of an Afaqi. But anyone can be asked to perform Nafl Hajj on behalf of a person.

18. To strive that Hajj is not nullified.

19. To avoid missing of Hajj.

20. Not to go against the desire of the AMIR. If the AMIR asked MAMUR to perform Hajjul Ifrad and the MAMUR performed Hajjut Tamattu or Hajjul Qiran, it will be against the order of the AMIR. In that case, MAMUR will have to return the expenditure incurred on Hajj, which will now be treated as
Hajj of MAMUR.

1) One who is performing Hajj on behalf of someone else , should perform Hajjul Ifrad only.

2) MAMUR can perform Hajjul Qiran with the permission of AMIR but he himself will have to bear expenses of offering Qurbani for Qiran. It is not Ja’iz from the funds provided by the AMIR, without his permission.

3) Similarly, MAMUR can perform Hajjut Tamattu also, with the permission of AMIR.

4) According to Imam abu Hanifah, it is permissible to nominate a person as agent for Hajj, who has not performed his own Fard Hajj because it was not due on him. But it is better to appoint such a person who has already performed his Hajj.

5) It is not permissible to nominate a person on whom Hajj is Fard and he has not performed it.

6) As a token of gratitude, the son, if he can, should appoint someone to perform Hajj on behalf of his deceased parents on whom Hajj was Fard but who died without making a will. It is still better if he does himself. He can do it or get it done from Makkah Mukarramah also, as the conditions mentioned after Serial No. 7 (above) will not be applicable in this case. Inshallah, the Hajj that was Fard on the deceased, will be reckoned as having been performed.

7) Even if the Hajj was not Fard on any one of the parents, the son should perform it himself or ask someone else to perform it on their behalf, exactly in the manner as explained at Note No. 6 (above).

Rasulullah has asked us to pray earnestly and beg Allah to grant Mercy and Forgiveness to our deceased parents.

8. A Hadith of the Holy Prophet says that whoever performed Hajj on behalf of his mother or father, he really performed Hajj for them, and he will get extra reward for having performed ten Hajjat.

9. Another Hadith says that whoever performed Hajj on behalf of his parents and paid their debts, he will rise with the Abrar (virtuous men free from sins and shortcomings) on the day of Resurrection.

10. If someone has already performed his own Fard Hajj, it is more virtuous for him to perform Hajj on behalf of someone else than to perform his own Nafl Hajj. It has been narrated by Hadrat ibn Abbas that whoever performed Hajj on behalf of a deceased, one Hajj will be written in the record of the deceased, while seven will be recorded for the person who performed Hajj.

11. Form the following Niyyah if you perform Hajj on behalf of someone else:

(i) O Allah! I intend to perform Hajj on behalf of my father/on behalf of (name him). Make it easy for me and accept it.

(ii) If a Tawaf or an Umrah is performed on behalf of a person, dead or alive, its Niyyah will also be made in the same way.

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