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Supplications at Multazam

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126. The portion of the wall between Hajarul Aswad and the door of Ka’bah, is know as Multazam. After every Tawaf it is Mustahabb to nestle close to Multazam and to supplicate. This is the place where Du’a is accepted. Rasulullah , clung to it as a child nestles closely to her mother’s bosom. After Tawaf, nestle close to it if you get a chance. Touch it with your head, chest and belly, also with your stretched hands rising above your head. Now put your left cheek on it and now your right cheek and pray with tears welling up in your eyes. Make supplication and ask for all you can. You have reached the threshold of your Rabb, the Great Munificent Rabb. You are standing at His door, before His very eyes. He is looking at you and He is listening to your sighs, your cry for help.

This is not a place where you should recite your prayers parrot-like. The words should well out of your bleeding heart.

Hadrat ibn Abbas , reports from Rasulullah , saying, “Multazam is the place where Du’a is accepted. No bondsman ever prayed for a thing there that was not accepted.”

127. Tears will well up with that Du’a only that we earnestly make with our heart and soul. Learn Du’a at Serial No.274 and 275 by heart.

128. Do not cling to Multazam in the state of Ihram because it is perfumed.

AlSafar Hajj Umrah Guide
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[22:20] It will cause their insides to melt, as well as their skins.

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