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24. Mawaqit are those places on all the four sides of Makkah, beyond which it is Wajib to proceed towards Makkah after assuming Ihram. They can be divided into the following three categories:


If a Muslim residing outside Miqat wants to enter into Makkah or the precincts of Haram for performing Hajj or Umrah or for any other purpose, he cannot pass through Miqat without Ihram. If he crosses Miqat without Ihram, he must go back to any Miqat, assume Ihram with the intention of Hajj or Umrah, recite Talbiyah, and then enter again into the precincts of Haram otherwise Dam will be Wajib on him but if he returns to Miqat and enters Makkah after assuming Ihram, Dam will be waived off.


(a) Dhul Hulafah: Its new name is Abyar Ali. The people coming from Madinah Munawwarah, should assume Ihram from here, or even from Masjidun Nabvi itself.

(b) Juhfah: For the people coming from Egypt, Syria, or west, now replaced by a locality near Rabigh.

(c) Qarn: For the people coming from Najd and Taif. This is close to the place now known as “ALSAIL”

(d) Yalamlam: For the people coming from India, Pakistan and Yemen by sea. It is the name of a mountain, some 32 miles to the south of Makkah Mukarramah. It is now called Sa’diyah also.

(e) Dhatul Irq: For the people coming from Iraq (Basra and Kufa, etc.)


(a) The people who are the residents of Miqat or Hill (area situated between Miqat and Haram), for example those coming from Jeddah, whether they be residents of Jeddah or are staying there, for them the whole area where they live is Miqat. If they enter Makkah Mukarramah with the intention of Hajj or Umrah, it is Wajib on them to be in the state of Ihram, which they can assume from their homes.

However, they can enter into the Holy City of Makkah without Ihram, if they go there for some reason other than for performing Hajj or Umrah.

(b) Some of the pilgrims after performing Umrah, do not stay at Makkah Mukarramah but stay with their relatives at Jeddah. In such a case, they come under the category of those residing at Jeddah. They need not assume Ihram if they do not go to Makkah Mukarramah for Hajj or Umrah but for some other reason, for example just for Salah or Tawaf in Masjidul Haraam.


For those residing within the boundaries of Haram, their Miqat for Hajj is Haram and for Umrah is Hill. The Afaqi, who after performing Umrah, relinquishes Ihram and stays at Makkah Mukarramah, is like the resident of Makkah. For Hajj, his Miqat is Haram and for Umrah, any place in Hill beyond the boundaries of Haram, for example Tan’im or Ji’iranah.

25. Some pilgrims who travel by air for Hajj or Umrah, assume Ihram at Jeddah instead of their homes. Before landing at Jeddah, the plane is on level with Dhatul Irq, the Miqat for Iraqis, and almost flies over Qarn, the Miqat for people of Najd. There is a consensus among Ulama that it is not Ja’iz
(permissible) for the pilgrims to assume Ihram on reaching Jeddah. Therefore, they should assume Ihram from their homes, the airport, or the airplane itself, at least an hour or two before it lands at Jeddah. If they land at Jeddah without Ihram, they would commit the sin of passing through Miqat without Ihram, and Dam will be Wajib on them. If such is the case, they should go back to any one of the five Miqats of the Afaqi pilgrims (mentioned at Serial No. 24), easily accessible to them. Here, they should assume Ihram with the intention of Hajj or Umrah, and then again enter Makkah. Thus, they would be absolved of paying the penalty of Dam.

It may, however, be categorically stated that in the given situation, an Afaqi, cannot assume Ihram for Hajj or Umrah either from Jeddah or Tan’im.
Tan’im is Miqat only for those who reside in Makkah and that too for the purpose of Umrah.

26. It is also incumbent on the pilgrims from U.K., U.S.A., Canada, African countries, India and Bangladesh, or other parts of the world, who travel by air and want to proceed direct to the Holy City of Makkah with the intention of Hajj and Umrah, to land at Jeddah in the state of Ihram, otherwise they will be sinful and Dam will be Wajib.

The journey of some pilgrims may last for ten to twenty hours or even more, therefore, it may be difficult for them to assume Ihram from their respective homes, specially for the pilgrims from U.S.A., Canada and African countries. They can adopt one of the following ways:

i) They should keep sheets of Ihram with them and assume Ihram some two hours before they land at Jeddah. They can assume Ihram without bath or Wudu (ablution) if water is not available. If possible they should offer Nafl Salah (comprising two Rak’at) for Ihram or else, they should assume Ihram without Nafl Salah with the Niyyah of Hajj or Umrah.

ii) They can break journey at Baghdad, Oman, Beirut, Cairo or any other Muslim country in the vicinity of Jeddah. There, they can assume Ihram and then proceed to Makkah via Jeddah.

iii) The plane that goes to Jeddah via Riyadh makes a stop over at Riyadh in transit. You can find out how long the plane stops there for clearance and other formalities. Perform Wudu, offer Nafl Salah and assume Ihram there.

27. If an Afaqi Mutamatti performs Umrah in the months of Hajj, relinquishes Ihram and goes to the Holy City of Madinah, according to Imam Abu Hanifah, it is preferable if he assumes Ihram from there with the intention of performing Hajjul Ifrad. Thus his Hajj will become Hajjul Tamattu. But if he so desires, he can assume Ihram with the intention of Umrah only and after performing Umrah and relinquishing Ihram, he can resume Ihram for Hajj. But under no circumstances he should come to Makkah Mukarramah with the intention of performing Hajjul Qiran. If he does so, Dam will become Wajib on him.

WARNING: Some of the pilgrims who, assume Ihram with the intention of Hajjul Ifrad as mentioned above, do not offer Qurbani assuming that no Qubani is due on Mufrid. It is incorrect. Qurbani is due as they are actually Mutamatti.

28. There are some pilgrims who want to perform another Umrah, from Madinah Munawwarah, while leaving for home. They come to Jeddah without Ihram, keep their luggage in a hotel, assume Ihram there and proceed to Makkah for Umrah. They follow a wrong procedure for which they are sinful, and Dam becomes Wajib on them. If they want to perform Umrah they should assume Ihram from Madinah Munawwarah or Abyar Ali.

29. It is also said that some of those who live in Makkah Mukarramah for the reasons of employment or business, when they come home on leave and go back to Makkah Mukarramah, either they enter the Holy City without Ihram or assume Ihram on reaching Jeddah. As mentioned earlier, both of these
practices are incorrect. If a person reaches Jeddah without Ihram, it is incumbent on him to go back to any one of the Miqat of an Afaqi and then should enter into Haram after assuming Ihram from a Miqat. If he does not do so and performs Umrah by assuming Ihram from Jeddah, he will be sinful and Dam will be Wajib on him. He must repent and seek the forgiveness of Allah for his misdeeds.

But if he enters the Holy City of Makkah without Ihram, and does not perform Umrah at all, one Hajj or Umrah will be Wajib on him for every time he so enters, and also one Dam. Therefore, such persons should assume Ihram from their homes or from the port of embarkation and on reaching Makkah
Mukarramah, the first thing they should do is to perform Umrah.

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