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129. After every Tawaf it is Wajib to perform Rak’atain (Salah comprising two Rak’at).

130. After completion of the seventh circuit of Tawaf, and after the Istilam of Ka’bah for the eighth time, a pilgrim should move towards Maqame Ibrahim reciting:
(And take the station of Ibrahim as your place for Salah)

and perform two Rak’at Salah for Tawaf.

It is Mustahabb to recite Suratul Kafirun after Al-Fatihah in the first Rak’at and Suratul Ikhlas in the second. But it is also Ja’iz (permissible) to recite any other Surahs instead. After Salah one should make Du’a.

131. It is Masnun to perform Rak’atain for Tawaf soon after Tawaf and to defer it is Makruh except after Fajr and Asr. For details see the Rules of Salah from Serial Nos. 6 to 9.

132. It is Makruh to perform Rak’atain for more than one Tawaf together. If the time is Makruh and Salah cannot be performed, then a pilgrim should perform more than one Tawaf and should perform separate Rak’atain for each Tawaf after the Makruh time is over.

133. It is Sunnah to perform Rak’atain immediately after Tawaf, therefore, a pilgrim who forgetfully misses it and begins another Tawaf, should discontinue Tawaf if he recollects it before completing first circuit of Tawaf, and perform Rak’atain. However, if he recollects it after completing the first circuit (of the second Tawaf) he should complete all the seven circuits. After it he should perform Rak’atain separately for each Tawaf.

134. If a person is confused about the number of circuits performed in Tawafur Rukn, he should perform the Tawaf again; but in case of Fard or Wajib Tawaf, he should perform only that circuit again about which he is doubtful, and in case of Sunnah and Nafl Tawaf he should act according to what he thinks to be most probable.

135. It is forbidden to kiss the monument symbolizing Maqame Ibrahim or to perform its Istilam.

AlSafar Hajj Umrah Guide
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