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68. Most surely the first house ever set up for mankind is which is in Makkah, a blessed one and a source of guidance to all the people of the world. In it are clear signs like the Maqame Ibrahim (the standing place of Hadrat Ibrahim ) and whoever enters it is secure. (Translation: Suratul Imran 96-97)

69. Makkah Mukarramah is the manifestation of the splendor, magnificence and grandeur of Islam and the Ka’bah – the First House of Allah is the center of His Dignity, Glory and Munificence. While performing Salah, all the Muslims of the world turn their face towards it. This is the place, where about two million Muslims from all over the world assemble for performing Hajj, every year. The Holy Qur’an calls the city of Makkah as Ummul Qura’ (the mother of cities). Allah says “This Arabic Qur’an, we have revealed to you, in order that you may warn the people residing in Ummul Qura’ and all who dwell around it”. (Translation: Ash-Shura:7)

70. A person should enter the Holy City with due humility and reverence. He should come here like a lover, bare-headed with a shroud on his shoulder, and in a state of sad perplexity. These are the manners for him to enter the Holy City of Makkah. On every step, he should request Allah earnestly to grant him what he wishes to achieve in this world and in his Deen (religion) and should recite Istighfar, seeking the forgiveness of Allah for his sins. And he should think himself to be a prisoner, who is being produced before the Great Emperor who is Gracious and Merciful.

71. While entering into Masjidul Haraam (the Holy Mosque) a person should recite:
(In the name of Allah and Salat and Salam upon Rasulullah )
and he should put his right foot in the Holy Mosque, and should pray:
Allah huma aftah li abwabe rahmate ka
(O Allah! Open to me the gates of Your Mercy)

72. While entering into Masjidul Haraam, it is Mustahabb to make Niyyah of Itiqaf (a retreat in a mosque for worship and meditation), as a person does when he enters into other mosques. He has only to say:
(O Allah! I form Niyyah for Itiqaf for the period I am in Masjidul Haraam)

73. As soon as a person catches sight of Baitullah he should say Allahu Akbar thrice, La Ilaha Illallah thrice or should recite this Takbir thrice:
Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La Ilaha Illallah Wa Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Wa Lilla Hil Hamd and then make Du’a as under:
(O Allah! You alone are the Giver of Peace, and Peace comes only from You. O our Rabb! Keep us in peace.)
(O Allah! Increase the exaltation, the veneration and the awe of this House and he, who pays due regard and respect to this House, among the people who perform its Hajj and Umrah, also increase his nobility, greatness, honor and goodness.)

After this he should recite Salat and Salam (Durud) on Rasulullah . This is the place and time, when Du’a is accepted. It is in the Ahadith that when a Muslim casts first glance at Baitullah, his Du’a is accepted. He should earnestly request Allah that he may die a Muslim, that he may be granted Firdows (the Paradise) without reckoning, and that he may follow Shari’ah in every respect. Besides, he can ask for anything he likes. A Du’a mentioned in Hadith is reproduced below:

(I seek the protection of the Rabb of the House, from Kufr, poverty, narrowness of chest and chastisement of grave.)

74. On seeing the Baitullah first, a person should raise hands for Du’a. It is Mustahabb to make Du’a while standing.

75. On entering Masjidul Haraam a person should not perform the Nafl Salah, called Tahiyyatul Masjid. “Tawaf” is the greeting for this Masjid. If somehow a person does not want to perform Tawaf, or if it is feared that due to Tawaf he may miss the congregational prayer, he can offer the Nafl Salah (Tahiyyatul Masjid) provided the time is not Makruh.

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