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Jinayat is the plural of word “Jinayah”, which means to commit an evil deed but as a technical term in Shari’ah, it means to commit a deed that is not Ja’iz. In connection with Hajj and Umrah, Jinayah is used for a deed, violating the restrictions of Ihram or Haram, intentionally or unintentionally.

There are two categories of Jinayat:

A. JINAYAT OF IHRAM, i.e., those prohibitions which are connected with Ihram. These are eight in number:

1) To use scent

2) To put on stitched garments - for men

3) To cover head and face for a man, and only face for a woman

4) To pull out hair from the body or killing and separating a louse from the body

5) To trim nails

6) To have conjugal relations

7) To abandon any one of the Wajibat

8) To hunt land animals

B. JANAYAT OF HARAM (whether one is in the state of Ihram or not):

1) Killing, frightening, assisting in hunting or hunting any animal in the Haram.

2) Cutting or plucking of grass and trees in the precinct of Haram.

1) If there are less hair of the beard or head fall due to plucking or scratching, for each hair a handful of wheat is given in charity but if their number is more than three, 1.75 kilos of wheat will have to be given in charity.

2) If the hair of the beard fall in Wudu and their number is three, the charity shall be equal to a handful of wheat, if the number is more than that, it is 1.75 kilos.

3) If the above error occurs more than once during a day, only one Sadaqah will be due once each day.

It will not increase with the number of occasions.

4) Sadaqah is not due if the hair on the chest, thighs, etc. fall automatically.

5) If a man wears stitched garments for an hour or less in the state of Ihram, he will be required to give in charity, a handful of wheat and if he remains in the dress for less than half of the day or half the night, he will be required to give alms equal to 1.75 kilos of wheat and if he puts on the dress for more than the above mentioned time, Dam will be Wajib.

6) Dam must be offered within the precincts of Haram, not outside it.

7) Sadaqah or its price can be given anywhere.

8) It is not Ja’is for a person to eat the meat of the animal himself, he has sacrificed as Dam.

WARNING: some of the wealthy people commit such mistakes intentionally and say, “We will offer Dam”. They are sinners. It is feared that their rituals may not be accepted. If someone commits such a deed, he should make repentance, seek forgiveness and also offer Dam.

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