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271. Imam Ghazali says, “It is not proper for a pilgrim to criticize his companions frequently. He should always be well-mannered and polite. Politeness does not cause trouble to others, but that he should be tolerant when troubled by others, and accommodating”.

Further, it should be remembered that going on pilgrimage is a journey of love, and therefore a pilgrim should, throughout his journey, behave like a lover who always remains engrossed in his own thoughts and cares little whether anybody misbehaves towards him or causes any trouble or inconvenience to him.

272. A pilgrim should take every precaution as not to indulge in gazing lustfully as there are ample occasions for it during Hajj and Umrah. Almighty Allah enjoins in Suratun Nur (Light): “Say (O Prophet) to the believing men that they should lower their gaze”. Tabrani has referred to Hadrat Abdullah Ibn Masud that Rasulullah is reported to have said:
“Evil eye is one of the poisonous arrows of Shaytan (Satan). Whoever turns his gaze despite the demand of heart, I will favor him with such a firm belief in return, whose taste he will relish in the heart”.

273. In the end, I must draw the attention of the readers to a very important point. Good and bad people are found everywhere, and it is not proper to condemn all the people belonging to a place. Always remember that Rasulullah himself was an Arab, originally he belonged to the Holy City of Makkah, later he settled in the Holy City of Madinah, so if for one reason or other you feel offended by some person or something either in Makkah or Madinah, then for the sake of Rasulullah do not denounce the people of these places nor look down upon them. On the other hand, it is necessary to hold them in love and respect. Irrespective of the academic discussions found in the books in this connection, you should be very cautious not to be disrespectful to these places in any way. Remember, if Madinah is the
center of elegance and grace, Makkah is the center of majesty and grandeur. If grace and loveliness are reflected by everything in Madinah, Makkah is a place where everyone should behave like a devoted lover.

Therefore, while in these places, be extremely careful and abstain from every sin, major or minor, for as every act of devotion is rewarded a million times in the sanctuary of Makkah, great is the punishment also of every sin committed there.

274. In Makkah, there are many sacred places for example Mataf, Multazam, Maqame Ibrahim, Safa and Marwah, the plain of Arafat, Muzdalifah, etc. where Hadrat Ibrahim and the last prophet Hadrat
Muhammad as well as innumerable other chosen Messengers and countless bondsmen of Allah have made their heartfelt invocations, supplications and prayers, meekly and humbly, with full devotion and a throbbing heart. You may learn the following Du’a by heart and include it among other supplications that you make there:

“O Allah, I beg of You to grant me all that for which Your chosen blessed bondsmen ever asked You to grant them at this Holy Place. O my Most Compassionate and Merciful Allah, I confess all my sins and admit all my faults but relying on Your Mercy and Munificence, I make this humble request. I take refuge with You from all that from which Your virtuous and pious bondsmen have ever taken refuge with You at this place”.

“O Allah, do not deprive me of the special blessings of this place and bestow on me all the favors You have bestowed or will bestow on Your chosen friends and bondsmen. O Allah, let me also share with them Your Kindness and Favors, for there is no dearth in Your Treasures”.

275. A Du’a is reproduced here, which is of great merit and is worth remembering.

Hadrat abu Umamah said to Rasulullah : “You have taught us many supplications, but we cannot remember them all. Kindly teach us a short supplication that may contain all of them”. Then Rasulullah taught the supplication that is given below:

(O Allah! I beg of You all good things which had been asked for by Your Nabiyye Muhammad and seek Your protection from all evil things from which Your Nabiyye Muhammad has craved for protection from You. You are the sole supporter and Your function is only to convey the Message
of Truth and we have no ability to do good deeds and avoid evil ones except with the help of Allah who is the Most High and Greatest.)

You should feel sure that Allah the Merciful and Munificent will be granting what you ask for.

276. The pilgrims are most earnestly requested to include the author of this book, Muhammad Moinuddin Ahmad, also in their prayers. May Allah bless and reward them for this regard and favor.

277. In the end, keep the following Hadith in mind:
“The reward of actions is on the intentions. It is reported that such a period is coming on the people that the wealthy men would perform Hajj only for excursion, sight-seeing and picnic, while middle class for trade and the scholars and qurra (plural of Qari, a person who recites the Qur'an with the proper rules of recitation) for name and fame.” (Ittihaf)

1. During your stay in Makkah, please remember this humble person, Muhammad Moinuddin Ahmad, and if possible perform a Nafl Tawaf on his behalf. It will be a great favor, indeed.

2. While visiting Madinah Munawwarah and while standing in front of Mawajah Sharif in Masjidun Nabvi, please recite the contents given at page Nos. 81-82 Serial No. 20.

3. Make Du’a for all those who took part in compiling, translating, composing and producing this book.
Convey their Salam to Rasulullah .

AlSafar Hajj Umrah Guide
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