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Search millions of flights globally from over 450 airlines. AlSafar makes it easy to find and book a cheap flight online - wherever you need to be.
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AlSafar Tours
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AlSafar is a specialist Hajj and Umrah travel agent in London. The first of its kind in the UK to offer live secure online booking.
The only thing we cant offer online is the visa for Hajj or Umrah, so please contact us for more details and costs

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This Hajj & Umrah guide has been developed to help you perform Hajj and and Umrah. It is essential that you understand what you can and cant do at Hajj or Umrah before you make the journey

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Following the recent death of Muhithur Rahman Chowdhury, AlSafar Tours is now closed. However the contains for you to continue to benefit and In Sha Allah remember him in your prayers, especially during Hajj and Umrah. Jazakh Allah Khair

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