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Hajj Fraud Information and How to Protect Yourself


Last year more than 600 people reported falling victim to Hajj fraud, but the Association of British Hujjaj estimates that only 10% of Hajj fraud is reported. Some victims have lost up to £20,000 and have been left to sleep on the streets of Mecca.

City of London Police and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) are launching a campaign to counter the threat. Supported by the Muslim community and PROFIT (Prevention of Fraud in Travel), fraud prevention advice is being handed out, while victims of fraud are urged to report it to Action Fraud.


Protect yourself with our checklist

Protect yourself with our checklist

AlSafar Travel Agent FAQ
Questions for your Travel Agent


How to protect yourself from Hajj fraud:

make sure your travel agent/tour operator is ATOL (Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing) protected

check exactly what you are paying for

get everything in writing

Hajj Checklist - Questions for your Hajj & Umrah travel agent

Get references from other pilgrims before using any travel agent and get as much of the following in writing as possible:

Can the travel agent confirm the flight dates/ airline etc?

Bookings made through our website are confirmed at the time of booking so you know the exact flight/ airline details. In addition to the standard ATOL (5778) & IATA protection offered by our affiliate you also benefit from the protection offered by credit card opperators (if using credit card).

Our flight search engine searches millions of published and discounted flights across 450 Airlines. We are the first fully online Hajj and Umrah Travel Agent.

There may be times where your agent is waiting for a cancellation or a "no show" at the airport, in which case they will be unable to confirm dates/times etc. This is not that uncommon during busy periods but for the extra piece of mind and certainty we suggest you book directly online.

What are the Hotel names in Mecca and Medina?

If your travel agent says the name has "Palace" in it. Ask for pictures of the hotel/ rooms etc and also search the internet to see if you can find any details. If you cant, its more then likely nothing like a palace so dont be surprised, after all you get what you pay for!

Save time and money with our customer-friendly hotel booking engine that guarantees to give you the best price for your hotel room. Whatever your destination, with over 90.000 hotels in our catalogue, you are guaranteed to find the perfect hotel at AlSafarTours.co.uk

How many beds in the room?

Its not unusual to have rooms with 6 or more beds to share, which is understandable as there are not enough hotel rooms available during Hajj times. This may be fine for the majority of us, however, in extreme cases men and women may have to share the same room, only seperated by a curtain.

Our hotel search engine lets you search over 90,000 properties worldwide offering more then 4 million rooms. You can see the hotel/ room facilities as well as pictures and reviews. You choose how many people per room and with our low rate guarantee, why search anywhere else.

How many bathrooms per room/floor?

During busy Hajj times you may find yourself in a hotel where each bathroom is shared with 20+ pilgrims. This can be very impractical, and even more so when brothers and sisters are sharing the same floor.

Our Hotel Search facility shows exactly whats included

On which floor is our room?

Its important to ensure that you are on the lower floors. A number of the smaller, local hotels and bed and breakfasts do not have lifts so please confirm before booking.

Despite having 1,000's of hotels on our booking system unfortunately only a hand full have the facilities to allow online booking. The benefit is that most of those are international hotel chains so you can expect a quality service and also the added security in knowing your stay will be in comfort. We have a number of others available, all of which need to be booked directly with us so please call for more details.

What facilities does the room have?

During summer months its important to know if the hotel room is air conditioned, has a fridge etc.

Once again, our hotel booking system shows the full details on each hotel. The small localised hotels we work with are of a lower standard, slightly further away, but are available at a lower price, often with shared rooms.

What type of food will be provided, if any?

In Mecca and Medina there are many food outlets, restaurants available so its not so much of an issue here. However, in Mina, where you will spend a couple of nights, its essential that food is brought in by the agent as there are only tea and snacks available locally.

How far is our Hotel from Masjid Al Haram and Masjid An Nabawi?

You may hear the usual "within 5 minutes, walking distance". In most cases its a lot further then this so ask your agent to show you exactly where the hotel is on a map and you can then judge for yourself. It may in fact be just 5 minutes away but bear in mind that 5 minutes can turn into 30 minutes during salah times due to the large crowds

Our hotel booking engine includes an interactive map so you can see exactly where the hotels are compared to the masjid's

Does anyone in our group speak English?

Most travel agents provide services for their communities so please confirm if there is an english speaking guide to help you.

The guides and Imam's we use are young and educated in Britain.


Following the recent death of Muhithur Rahman Chowdhury, AlSafar Tours is now closed. If you find the contents of this site useful please remember him in your prayers, especially during Hajj and Umrah. Jazakh Allah Khair

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