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1. Literally, in Arabic, Hajj means “a resolve”, i.e., to resolve to some magnificent duty.

2. As a technical term in Shari’ah (Islamic Law), Hajj is the name of those acts which are performed after entering into the state of Ihram with the Niyyah (intention) of Hajj. They comprise Fard (necessary duty), Tawaf (circumambulation of Ka’bah), Wuquf (stay) at Arafat and some Wajibat (obligatory actions) which are performed in a given order at appointed times.

3. All the rites and ceremonies of Hajj are the acts actuated by the ecstasy and divine madness of love. But this does not mean that a pilgrim will have to face no difficulties and hardships while performing them. This simply means that the rites of Hajj are the acts of a person in love and while performing them, he is so happily engrossed in achieving the favor and nearness of his beloved Allah, that he tramples down all the thorns of the way smilingly, and becomes an embodiment of patience and submission. In spite of all the facilities that a pilgrim can possibly have while performing Hajj, there always be some difficulties and hardships. Therefore, to seek the pleasure and nearness of Allah he should bear them all patiently. Rasulullah says, “To endure hardship in Hajj is like enduring hardship in Jihad (fighting for the cause of Allah). Therefore, he who patiently bears hardships and difficulties will have a great recompense in the hereafter, his efforts will not go unrewarded” (Ittihaf).

4. (a) Before proceeding for Hajj, a pilgrim should feel that in response to the call of his Master, His bondsman intends to kiss His threshold and leaves his home in the hope of being accepted. He should leave his home in the spirit as if he is leaving this world. If he has been unkind or unjust to a person or has hurt him, he should crave his forgiveness and if he has deprived a person of his due or rightful claim, he should redress it.
(b) He should offer supererogatory Salah (Nafl comprising two Rak’at) with the intention of Tawbah (repentance for his sins), then he should send Durud (blessings) and Salam (salutations) on Rasulullah, should sincerely repent all his past sins and misdeeds, whether great or small, should recite Istighfar (O Allah forgive me) and should make a firm determination that he would never commit sins again (Insha Allah).

AlSafar Hajj Umrah Guide
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This guide has been developed to help you prepare for the sacred pilgrimage, to perform Hajj and Umrah. It is essential that you understand what you can and cant do before you start the journey of a lifetime.


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