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Islamic Glossary for Hajj and Umrah

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Adhan: The call for Salah.
Adhkar: Plural of Dhikar (remembrance of Allah)
Afaqi: Literally “outsider”, one who lives beyond the boundaries of a “Miqat”.
Afdal: More virtuous
Akhirah: Hereafter, the next world
Ahkam: Laws, rules
Ahadith: Plural of Hadith
Ayyamut Tashriq: The period between the 9th and the 13th Dhul Hijjah, see Serial Nos. 184-185.

Barkah: Beneficent force of divine origin, which causes superabundance in the physical sphere and prosperity and happiness in the psychic order.
Bid’ah: Innovation

Dam: Animal sacrifice as a penalty
Dhikar: Remembrance of Allah
Din: Religion
Du’a: Solemn request and humble petition to Allah, prayer, supplication

Fard: A religious duty explicitly mentioned in the Qur’an or Sunnah (in case of Hajj and Umrah, an integral part of it).
Fara’id: Plural of Fard
Fasiq: Sinful
Firdows: The Paradise

Hadith: Tradition – the recorded words, actions and sanctions of Rasulullah (peace be upon him).
Haraam: Unlawful
Hajarul Aswad: The black stone. It is a stone said to have been brought from paradise. Its pieces are set in a silver frame in the wall at man’s chest height in the south eastern corner of Baitullah.
Halal: Lawful
Halq: Get the head shaved
Hatim: The semi-circular wall surrounding Baitullah on the northern side. It is a part of Ka’bah and while performing Tawaf it is wajib to include this piece of land.
Hill: The area lying between a Miqat and the boundaries of the Haram.
Hamd and Thana: Glorifying and lauding Allah

Ibadah: An act of worship; an act of adoration
Iddah: The waiting period
Idtiba: To place the upper sheet of Ihram on the left shoulder after making it pass through the right arm-pit ( see Serial No. 114).
Ifrad: A kind of Hajj when a person makes Niyyah to perform simple Hajj
Imam: The person who leads the Salah
Istighfar: Seeking forgiveness of Allah; prayer to seek His forgiveness
Istilam: To kiss Hajarul Aswad either actually or symbolically. (see Serial No. 88)
Istiqbal of Hajarul Aswad: To stand on the line made of Black Stone so as to face Hajarul Aswad. (see Serial No. 85)
I’tikaf: A retreat in a Masjid for worship and meditation

Ja’iz: Permissible, allowed
Jamarat: Plural of Jamrah
Jama’ah: The congregation
Janabah: State of major pollution for which bath is necessary, defilement.
Jaza: Recompense
Jimar: Plural of Jamrah

Karahat: That which is Makruh, that is reprehensible
Kafir: An infidel

Makruh: Reprehensible
Makruhan Tahriman (Makruh Tahrimi): Abominable, approximately towards unlawfulness
Makruhat: Plural of Makruh
Masnun: That which is approved by Sunnah
Mathurah: Handed down by Hadith
Mataf: The place where Tawaf is performed
Mawalat: Uninterrupted succession
Mawaqit: Plural of Miqat
Miqat: A place traditionally stipulated, beyond which no Muslim can go towards Makkah, without being in the state of Ihram. (see Serial No. 24).
Miswak: Tooth stick
Mubah: Being attended neither with praise nor blame
Mufrid: A pilgrim who performs Hajjul Ifrad
Muharramat: Plural of Muharram (Haraam)
Muhrim: The pilgrim in the state of Ihram
Muqim: A resident
Muqtadi: A person who follows the Imam in Salah
Mustahabb: Commendable, desirable, preferable
Mutamatti: A pilgrim who performs Hajjul Tamattu

Nafl: Supererogatory
Niyyah: Intention

Qada: The missed or deliberately omitted act of worship
Qarin: A pilgrim who performs Hajjul Qiran
Qasr: To get hair cut short; curtailed Fard Salah by a Musafir (traveler)
Qiran: To perform Hajj and Umrah in one Ihram
Qiyam: To remain standing
Qurbani: Sacrifice of a goat, sheep or 1/7th of a camel or cow
Qurra: Plural of Qari, a person who recites the Qur'an with the proper rules of recitation.

Rak’atain: Two Rak’at Salah
Ramal: To walk with short and quick steps and with jerking of shoulders (see Serial No. 117)
Rukn: Essential element
Rawdah: Garden; metaphorically the Sacred Chamber, where Rasulullah (peace be upon him) rests.

Sadaqah: Charity
Salah: (Namaz) Prayer performed in a prescribed form
Salam: To greet
Salat Alan Nabiyye: (Durud Sharif) To send blessings and salutations on Rasulullah (peace be upon him)
Satr: The portion of body that must be covered, i.e., from naval to the knees for men.
Sah-w: Forgetfully missed
Shari’ah: Islamic law
Shafa’ah: Intercession
Sunan: Plural of Sunnah
Sunnah: What Rasulullah (peace be upon him) has commended; in accordance with the practice of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him)
Sunnatul Mu’akkadah: A compulsory Sunnah, a Sunnah on which special emphasis has been laid by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) or his companions or which has been in constant practice of the Muslims as a body.

Tahiyyatul Masjid: Literally “Greeting to the Mosque”. Two Rak’at Nafl Salah which may be offered on entering into a Masjid. But this Salah need not be offered on entering Masjidul Haraam, for its Tahiyyah is a Tawaf.
Tahlil: To say “La Ilaha Illallah”. It is better to add Muhammadur Rasulullah (peace be upon him)
Takbir: To say “Allahu Akbar”
Takbirat: Plural of Takbir
Tasbih: To say: “Subhanallah”. It also means rosary and to count on its beads.
Tawbah: Return to Allah with repentance
Tamattu: To combine Hajj and Umrah
Thana: Praise of Allah
Thawab: Recompense

Wajib: Obligatory in the second degree, an act omitting of which is not allowed, binding.
Wajibat: Plural of Wajib
Wudu: Ablution
Wuquf: Literally means “To Stop, To Stay”

Zawal: Exact declining of sun

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